• Music class has highlight of my week. Being a first time mum with no mummy friends life can be daunting but thanks to making rainbows I feel like it’s so much easier!
    Beautiful passionate teachers who make the classes fun for not only the babies but the parents too!
    I’ve met so many new mums and have learnt so much about helping my Alexea’s development.

    - Sam N.,

  • This is the highlight of our week. Amelia loves the classes & Miss Bernie is fantastic & full of enthusiasm. Such a great way to meet & share a coffee with wonderful parents. 

    - Amie B & Dad,

  • Thank you to Miss Bernie for making Friday so much more F U N! Harvey and I have loved our term at Making Rainbows. And I have made some beautiful friends from our time as well. Thank you for your fabulous work and commitment to our children. Xx

    - Jessica H.,

  • I started taking my daughter Ariana to Making Rainbows when she was 8 weeks old and she is now nearly 10 months old. She loves this class and get excited when we open the gate to Making Rainbows. All the teachers are fantastic with the kids and makes everyone feel so welcome. I can’t imagine Ariana not attending Making Rainbows every week. We love it!!

    - Sian W.,

  • Making Rainbows Music has changed my experience as a first-time Mum, for the better. We first joined MRM on a high referral from a close friend and not living in QLD long I thought I would try ‘just another’ opportunity to get out. I also never pictured myself as the ‘sing-along’ Mum but surprise, surprise I am now.
    This is now our third term at MRM and we could not be happier. From the welcoming and supportive teachers, to watching my bub and close friends bubs develop, interact, find confidence and grow mentally, emotionally and physically through the power of music still takes my breath away.
    Look no further for a class to share with your bub. Every week is different and did I mention the theme weeks…too cute!
    Sign up, explore and watch your baby smile from ear to ear.
    Thank you to the MRM team…JJH and I love you XX

    - Lauren Rose K.,

  • Making Rainbows is the best fun. My daughter, Phoebe, and I drive from Brassall to the Northside each week to attend class because Making Rainbows is so awesome. Phoebe has blossomed and is so much more confident since we started attending in February. We have such fun and laughs during the class and it is so great for me able to chat with the other mums over coffee and a biscuit after class. What more could you want? Your baby has a blast, Mummy gets to chat, good coffee is delivered to the class and there’s always a yummy treat!

    - Sarah M.,

  • When we started going to Making Rainbows I didnt quite now what to expect, my son was 16months old and had not started talking yet, Bernie mentioned how good music is for speech development so I was keen to see the effect it would have on Adam.

    I am happy to say that it has had an amazing effect on his speech development, mental and emotional growth, he is a real little chatter box now, We love Fridays when its time for making rainbows and we get to have so much fun together. Thank you Making Rainbows for all your efforts and great work. xxx

    - Mandy O.,

  • Making Rainbows is a class for bubs and mums ! It’s been such a beautiful experience for my little girl and I, and a place I have been able to meet and make friends with other mummies experiencing the joys and hiccups of life as a first time mum! Bernie is a wonderful, bubbly fun person with the knowledge, dedication and passion to making our Friday’s that bit more colourful, whilst teaching our little bubs the joys & importance of music! 

    - Kezzi B.,