BABY CLASS 0-15 months

This class gives you the opportunity to bond with your baby (approx 0 to 15 months) without older siblings competing for attention. This special class aims to foster the bond you have with your baby in a gentle and fun environment. Whilst your baby won’t be able to sing the songs for a while, the importance of hearing music and watching you sing and play is paramount to his or her development, not just musically but academically and emotionally too. Our program is multi-sensory so we use scarves, rainbow parachute, ribbons, handheld instruments, therapy balls, sand, water, bubbles and many other resources and props.

Founded by an early childhood specialist, the focus at Making Rainbows is to develop the whole child through music, movement and sensory play. Our qualified Facilitators use quality music (both live on a ukulele and recorded) to nurture your child’s developmental skills. We choose our props and resources carefully to ensure that every part of the lesson is purposeful and beneficial to each child, whether it be for fine motor development (finger rhymes, instrument play), gross motor development (balancing on balls, tummy time activities) or social development (sharing, waving, greeting/farewell songs).

We like to introduce children to new experiences and well as consolidating old skills, to build confidence. At Making Rainbows we have enough ukuleles for all children to participate and make music together! The latest research from the University of Queensland shows “that children who experience early shared music activities in the home during infancy and early childhood score better than their peers in vocabulary, numeracy, attentional and emotional regulation and pro-social skills.” (Professor Barrett)

The difference between our music program and others you’ll find is the support and encouragement we provide for you and your baby. After providing a stimulating music, movement and sensory program, we allow time after the class for you to stay and have a chat with other parents. All the parent’s in our baby classes have come together so naturally, it’s lovely to facilitate this in the community.