Meet Our Staff

  • Bernadette

    Bernadette is a Mum of 3 and has a degree in Special Education. She has worked in Early Childhood Developmental Centres and various Special Schools throughout Brisbane. She is passionate about supporting parents by providing a quality music, movement and sensory program that emphasises child development. Bernadette can make a mean creme brule and at night, moonlights as a Ninja. 

    - Founder

    Jacqueline is an experienced Senior Executive Assistant and Administration Coordinator, has over 10 years of knowledge relating to executive support / administrative duties and studied a Bachelors Degree of Information Technology. While juggling her young Son, Jacqueline is also an integrated part of Making Rainbows, overseeing the day-to-day operations of the business and acts as Bernadette’s 2ic. Jacqueline also enjoys Piña Coladas and walks in the rain. 

    - Business Manager
  • Kelly

    A super mum of four amazing children, World Vision Ambassador and founder of the Be A Fun Mum online community, Kelly has 9 years experience in the content creation, public relations and marketing fields. She’s worked with brands like Disney, Lego, Hasbro, Big W, Ford and Pumpkin Patch, and her writing has been featured in various Australian magazines and newspapers. Kelly joins the Making Rainbows team to combine her skills and passion for investing in the lives of children. She’s never outgrown her love for Cookie Monster.

    - Marketing Manager
  • Miss Tish

    Miss Tish has over 4 years  experience as a lead educator working within early childhood centers, so understands children’s early learning milestones and the importance of sensory play. She has a Diploma of Children’s Services, has 8th grade singing qualifications, has an outgoing and energetic personality and is always smiling! Miss Tish is also an experienced Nanny, so can relate to the trickiness of raising children! If you need hot trends on the latest fashion nails, she’s your girl.   

    - Franchisee Owner & Facilitator
  • Miss Chantelle

    Irish-born but Gold Coast based, Chantelle exchanged a corporate career to become the business owner of a Making Rainbows Franchise. She’s a power mum of one who’s had a passion for music and children’s development since before the birth of her own daughter. Always up for a laugh and to share a funny joke, children gravitate towards her warm smile and outgoing personality. To quote one of her clients “Chantelle’s energy is infectious and wonderful!” Her Uncle is actually Michael Flatley (not really, but we can dream!)

    - Franchisee Owner & Facilitator
  • Miss Kylie

    Miss Kylie joins the Rainbows family as a fully qualified Early Childhood Teacher with over 10 years experience working with young children. She’s an amazing Mother of 3 who’s super passionate about building confidence through engaging play with little ones. She’s also had experience working in an ASD specific early intervention centre and was the first ever certified Early Start Denver Model (ESDM) therapist in Queensland! Overachiever, we think so! Kylie is a self-confessed chocoholic, so not adverse to bribes of a chocolate nature. 😉

    - Franchise Owner & Teacher
  • Miss Johanna

    Completed a Bachelor of Music and is in the process of finishing her Masters in Teaching. Miss Johanna is dedicated and passionate about exposing young children to the benefits of music and sensory play; and has experience teaching early childhood music programs within day care centres across Brisbane. A seasoned musician herself, in her own two-piece live band, she performs regularly at weddings, functions and other live venues. She’s got unique flair and a love for super creative earrings (feel free to stare when you see her next). 

    - East Brisbane & Gordon Park
  • Miss Charlotte

    Has worked with young children and babies from when she was only a young lady herself! Youth Group Leader, expert Piano and Singing Teacher and is always looking for ways to incorporate her skills into her daily life. Miss Charlotte is an absolute go-getter, a gun on the ukulele, but most importantly, loves to have fun and completely absorbs herself into her Making Rainbows sessions. This lady gives even the best back-up dancers a run for their money, wait until you see her own choreographed routine in class! She currently holds the record amounsgt the team for the wild, rodeo unicorn championships (yes we have the video to prove it).

    - Springfield Lakes & Ripley
  • Miss Jess

    With a Graduate Diploma in Primary Education & Diploma in Children’s Services, Miss Jess brings plenty of experience and sunshine to the Making Rainbows team. Being an Early Childhood Teacher at Kindergarten’s, means Miss Jess is completely across the importance of music, movement and sensory play in the development of young children and extremely knowledgeable in all things Early Childhood! She has a two young boys of her own and absolutely adores children.

    - Paddington