MIXED AGE CLASS 0 months-5 yrs

Our 40 minute child-centred classes will delight your young toddler through to kindy age child and excite their natural love of music! This class follows the recommendations of child development researchers – grouping children of a variety of ages because this fosters natural, family style learning. Younger children enjoy watching and imitating the older ones, and the older children learn by leading the younger ones. Each child participates at their own level in singing, dancing and playing tuned or untuned instruments. The whole family is welcome in this mixed age class.

Our program has been carefully planned by a qualified educator and endorsed by an occupational therapist. Participating in Making Rainbows will enhance your child’s fine motor (precise hand movements – essential for writing) and gross motor skills (larger body movements – important for balance and tone). We do this by choosing meaning musical activities and games that your child will love! There is also strong educational flavour running through our program which will benefit your young child and prepare him/her for future learning. He/she will also learn those school readiness behaviours that are needed in the next couple of years, i.e., sharing, turn- taking taking, social skills, appropriate greeting and farewell skills and following teacher’s directions. They will discover new sounds through using instruments and fun props which will enhance their learning on so many levels. As teachers, we’ve learned how to use music to bring out the best in children. They’ll learn basic music concepts, use their imagination, follow instructions and lots, lots more. We provide purposeful musical activities that will stimulate your child’s social, emotional, language, cognitive and physical development. We love seeing older children with their little brothers or sisters enjoying music together as a family.

Catering For Special Needs

 Making Rainbows believes in an inclusive practice for all students. We have seen the many benefits of grouping children with special needs in our regular classes. Some of these benefits include building friendships and peer modeling. Our multi-sensory approach to teaching suits all children, and particularly those with additional needs. If your child has an intellectual impairment, physical impairment autism or developmental delays, he or she will gain so much from our music and movement program on so many levels. As a special educator, Bernadette has used music as a teaching tool for students to make progress in many areas of their development. Group musical activities motivate interaction, facilitate socialisation and improve social skills. Music making involves many of the fundamental elements of social interaction like turn taking and listening to another person. For children with additional needs, participating in a music and movement program will most certainly give them a sense of accomplishment and success. Children who have difficulty communicating verbally, music provides a way to express themselves and communicate in a non-verbal and non-threatening manner.


The best bit about Making Rainbows is that you’ll be right there with your child, interacting, bonding and learning together! We believe in empowering families, building strong healthy relationships and celebrating successes…there are no bad singers 🙂 At Making Rainbows you will be connected with other parents who are on a similar journey to you which can be so enriching and encouraging. We will give your child experiences, confidence and positive interactions that will help them reach their potential. We tap into your child’s natural love of music and use it to help foster independence, social and emotional skills, language growth and self control. Children will excel when they are in a nuturing, relaxed, stress free environment.