WATCH YOUR CHILD GROW THROUGH Music, Movement and Sensory Play

BABY CLASSES 0-15 months

This class gives you the opportunity to bond with your baby (0 – approx 15mths+) without older siblings competing for attention. Our multi-sensory program benefits your baby’s development while supporting new parents.


MIXED AGE CLASSES 15 mths-4 yrs

In this class we group children of a variety of ages. Each child participates at their own level in singing, dancing and playing tuned or untuned instruments. The whole family is welcome in this multi-sensory mixed age class.




The difference between our music program and others you’ll find is the support and encouragement we provide for you and your baby. After providing a stimulating music, movement and sensory program, we allow time after the class for you to stay and have a chat with other parent’s over a cuppa and a biscuit. 


If you would like to trial one of our classes before enrolling for the term we offer the flexibility of one trial class for $20. Book in your place today!

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I have four children and have been to a lot of music classes over the last 8 years. The program that Making Rainbows runs is by far the best I have ever attended with my children. The teachers and classes are so fun, engaging and educationally brilliant ( and that’s coming from a teacher!)

- Brianna Bright, Brisbane, Qld

Not only has this little group been an integral part of Archie and I bonding it has also provided moments of respite from a sometimes grumpy bub when Bernie simply whisks him away so I can drink my coffee afterward and chat in peace with another mum. You ladies don’t know it but you have provided a calm in the mothering storm and I am really thankful for not only your wonderful service but also your friendship! Well done to you both!

- Beck Stephenson, Brisbane, Qld


Yes! We understand that families get sick, go on holidays and have other appointments that can’t be changed. That is why we offer the 2 courtesy make up lessons per child per term. Classes will run at 9:30am and 11am and will operate as combined mixed age and baby.

Brisbane: Sessions for Term 2 in 2018 will run from our Paddington venue at the end of Term 2, during the two week school break. Dates as follows:

Monday 2 July – Meeting Room 1
Wednesday 4 July – Meeting Room 1
Friday 6 July – Upstairs Hall

Monday 9 July – Meeting Room 1
Wednesday 11 July – Meeting Room 1

Toowoomba: Sessions for Term 2 in 2018 will run as follows: Monday 2 and Friday 6 July. 

Click here for venue addresses.

To qualify for your courtesy make up classes, please email admin@makingrainbows.com.au and we shall try to arrange a reserved space for you in any of those times and dates provided. As spaces fill fast, we cannot guarantee there will be availability in all classes for a make up. Please be advised that make up lessons do not carry over to the next term and no credit is available for classes missed.

We also offer the option to “gift” any of your missed sessions to a family member or friend who might also have a little one. If you cannot attend your usual session, you can ask another person to attend in your place! Please ensure you provide details of this in advance, to admin@makingrainbows.com.au.

Absolutely! Little ones often put instruments and toys in their mouths so to limit the spread of germs we disinfect our resources between classes.

Is your child Walking? Running? Yes? Well, we suggest the mixed age class. It’s designed for toddlers and older children to sing, dance and learn together. 

If your little one is still crawling, you could do one last term in the baby class. We are flexible and happy to find a class you’re comfortable with. 

Our classes go for approximately 40 mins. Afterwards we encourage parents to stay and have a cuppa and a chat so you may like to set aside an hour in the morning to make rainbows! 

We run with the Queensland State School terms.

Term 1 2018, Monday 22 January – Thursday 29 March

Term 2 2018 (current), Monday 16 April – Friday 29 June  

Term 3 2018, Monday 16 July – Friday 21 September

Term 4 2018, Monday 8 October – Friday 14 December 

No they aren’t. If your class falls on a public holiday, you will not be charged for that week. We only close during state wide public holidays (we do not include local days off i.e Ipswich Show Day).

Absolutely! That’s the whole idea! The mixed age class will be perfect for you! We love seeing older children with their little brothers or sisters enjoying music together as a family. Please note, younger siblings are not charged until they are 9 months old. 

We sure do! When enrolling more than one child into our program, each subsequent child will receive 20% off their fees! 

We offer just one trail class ($20) before committing to the rest of the term. After that, we only accept term enrollments. We do not offer casual attendance or “drop ins”. 

No way! Your child is never too young to hear and respond to music and language! Babies listen to and respond to music, language and other sounds for as much as half their lives BEFORE BIRTH. Hearing develops in utero around 4 months! Babies are wired to discriminate between pitch, volume and melody. That’s how they learn the native language spoken around them during the first 6 months of life.  Using musical play with your baby is also an easy way to strengthen your relationship. Moving to music triggers the release of oxytocin — the “bonding” hormone! 

Our program also has a strong emphasis on sensory play.

Providing your young baby with a wide range of sensory experiences will help develop strong brain pathways. This increases the capacity for intellectual development and form the foundation for all future learning.

We cap our baby and mixed age classes at 15.

Stay and have fun! Our program is designed to enhance the parent/child bond so we encourage you to participate with your little one! Remember, you are your child’s first teacher!

We’d love you to! It’s so nice for family members to see their little person enjoying their class! We also run every second term a special Grandparent’s Day, especially for your family members to attend with their Grandchildren. Details of dates can be found in this FAQ section under ‘themes’.

We can not allow drop ins unfortunately. Please contact us to book a class! 

Of course you can enrol in two classes per week! We would love to see you! Please remember, our fees listed include one class per week and our programs run on a weekly cycle (your two classes may be include the same content!) At MR we hope to foster friendships between parents and children and many of our families follow up their MR class with a play date each week as well.

No problem! We all know that babies cry for whatever reason. Besides, you are surrounded by mums in the exact same stage of life! So just do whatever you need to comfort your baby and join in again when you can. This isn’t just a baby music class, it’s a support group! You will find lifelong friends which is so special!

Themes for Term 2 of 2018 starting week commencing Monday 16 April are Jungle, PJ Party and Pirate.

We will also be hosting a very special Grandparent’s Day in Term 2 and Term 4 of 2018, both in week 5. That’s week commencing Monday 14 May for Term 2 2018.

Not at all! Of course you are more than welcome to bring along your usual baby bag and snacks, but mostly, you just come to have fun and enjoy and we’ll take care of the rest! 

Monday 30 April & Friday 4 May – BABY CAREER DAY

Monday 28 May & Friday 1 June – TEDDY BEAR’S PICNIC

Monday 25 & Friday 29 June – PJ PARTY 

Not yet! But this is something we are working on and have in the pipeline! We do hope to one day, have our very own Making Rainbows Music album, so watch this space!


We are always accepting new enrollments!  Find a location near you!


What makes us unique, or different, or better than our competitors?

Our classes are not just music classes and our teachers are not just musicians. We only hire qualified childhood experts to deliver our holistic and educational program! We use a combination of music, movement and sensory play to stimulate your child’s social, emotional, language, cognitive and physical development.

There is a strong educational flavour running through our program which will benefit your young child and prepare him/her for future learning. He/she will also learn those school readiness behaviours that are needed in the next couple of years, i.e., sharing, turn- taking taking, social skills, appropriate greeting and farewell skills and following teacher’s directions.

They will discover new sounds through using instruments and fun props which will enhance their learning on so many levels. As teachers, we’ve learned how to use music to bring out the best in children. They’ll learn basic music concepts, use their imagination, follow instructions and lots, lots more.

Perhaps the most important thing that differentiates us from other similar programs is the bonds that quickly develop within each class! This is something our teachers deliberately foster. Our vision for Making Rainbows is to support families while providing a educational program in a positive and safe environment.