Terms and Conditions

Enrolment Confirmation: If you click the enrol now button via our website and confirm your booking by clicking submit, in order to secure your space, you will be asked to make payment via credit card.  This indicates you have read and agreed to our terms and conditions listed below.

Payment Terms: In order to secure your enrolment, full payment is required upon booking for the entire term or the remaining of term from when you join. We cannot hold spaces. 

Full term enrolment Refund Policy: Depending on the clients circumstances, Making Rainbows is under no obligation to refund or transfer money in the event that you are unable to attend part of or the entire course/enrolment. We do not offer refunds if there is an issue with the service, i.e – a change of mind. For special circumstances we do however, offer a counter as follows:

If cancelling your enrolment with two weeks notice before your first session, you will receive a 100% refund of your full enrolment fee.

Within one week of your first session a 50% refund of your full enrolment fee.

If you cancel the day of your lesson or during the current term that you are enrolled you are entitled to a 20% refund of your full enrolment fee. NO REFUNDS are offered two weeks prior to the term ending. All refunds will incur a 5% admin fee for processing.

You are also welcome to ‘gift’ your remaining sessions of the term, at your venue, to a friend or family member if you are no longer able to finish the full enrolment. 

Illness: Making Rainbows believes that babies and young children should be immunized, and you warrant that the child/ren in your care will not attend if they are unwell, including communicable, contagious or notifiable illnesses. Under the current Public Health Act 2005, this legislation does not make immunisation mandatory and does not force a service to refuse enrolment or attendance of children whose immunisation status are not up-to-date.

If your child exhibits vomiting, diarrhea, has an excessive rash, a persistent cough or green runny nose or obvious contagious conditions, such as head lice or conjunctivitis or a fever over a certain temperature (typically 38C), please refrain from attending Making Rainbows sessions. Bringing other unwell children or siblings, who have been kept home from school to a Making Rainbows class is also not permitted. 

Holiday Sessions (run in December): Payment is required upon booking online and non-refundable. $20 per child (children who are under the age of 9 months who are attending with an older sibling, attend for free).

Accidents: Making Rainbows Pty Ltd takes no responsibility for personal loss or injury sustained during the session. As you are present in class with your child, you remain responsible for the safety of yourself and your child/ren, relinquishing Making Rainbows Pty Ltd of any liability. 

Cancellation of classes: Making Rainbows endeavours to run every class we have committed to! However should we need to cancel a class, parents will be contacted by email and/or text. Making Rainbows reserves the right to cancel classes without refund in exceptional circumstances beyond our control i.e. unpredictable storms and bad weather, the sudden closure of a leased venue (meaning a hired location not controlled or owned by Making Rainbows Pty Ltd), other varied cases of emergency, or unforeseen unavailability of a staff member. 

If class enrollments are not enough to operate at a venue due to unforeseen drop-outs or client shuffling, we can also cancel the session mid-term. 

Make-Up Class Policy: If you miss a session and would like to reserve a make-up class, please email via the address provided on our website to reserve a spot in the make-ups held at the end of every term from our Paddington venue. More information on how to book  can be found on our FAQ page. There are no make-up spaces provided at any other venues. Make up sessions are subject to availability and limited to 2 classes per term. Any classes not made up during the same term are forfeited and cannot be refunded or carried over to another term. Turning up to these session without a prior booking is not permitted. You are also entitled to ‘gift’ your missed class to a friend/colleague or family member. 

Client Confidentiality and Privacy: Please note that Making Rainbows Pty Ltd do use images and photos taken during class on our Facebook Page and other media. This is only once full consent and permission of the parent/Guardian has been given, in writing via a signature form provided in class. 

Trial Classes: A trial session may only be reserved pending enrolment numbers and availability. Trial spaces are not considered as ‘secure’ and if a full term client wants to enrol for the full term in the interim, they will receive priority. Trial spaces cannot be guaranteed during long mid-term breaks (during the 6 week holiday between December until January), as spaces fill fast and clients wishing to enrol for a full term enrolment will receive priority. 

Abusive Behaviour: Should a client exhibit any behaviour that may be considered as intimidating, threatening or offensive, whether this be over the phone, in class, towards a teacher or another client, their enrolment will be forfeited immediately and a life-time ban from Making Rainbows implemented. We will not tolerate any aggressive language, raising of voice or disrespect to our colleagues or clients. 

Mid term Venue Class Shuffling: When possible, Making Rainbows will allow clients to shuffle into other venues mid term, pending available spaces.  If the client wishes to shuffle mid-term into another venue, a refund will not be offered for any weeks unused, that is at the discretion of the client. 

Facilitator / Teacher Venue Shuffling: We reserve the right, when necessary to shuffle the Facilitator/Teachers into other venues when required with no notice. 

Sensory items & allergies: Examples of sensory items used in class i.e Oates, non-toxic glues, food colouring, synthetic hay and grass etc are sometimes used. Please let the teacher know if your child has any specific allergies. Making Rainbows Pty Ltd takes no responsibility for personal loss or injury sustained during the session. You remain responsible for the safety of yourself and your child/ren, relinquishing Making Rainbows Pty Ltd of any liability.

Data Protection: The information you provide during registration contains personal data. Making Rainbows will record, process and keep your personal information secure in accordance with the Australian Privacy Act 1988. Information will not be passed/sent out to a third party.

Newsletter: In registering for a trial or enrolment, you are agreeing to receive mail-chimp newsletter and other ad-hoc communications, but can opt out at any time via the ‘unsubscribe’ provided in the footer of the email. 

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