Refund Policy:  Making Rainbows sessions are non-refundable or transferrable.

Make-up Class Policy:  Making Rainbows sessions are non-refundable or transferrable. We do not offer make-up classes but we do offer the option to “gift” any of your missed sessions to a family member or friend who might also have a little one. If you cannot attend your usual session, you can ask another person to attend in your place! Please ensure you provide details of this in advance.

Contact your teacher below and we will do our best to organise this for you. Classes listed as “Wait List” are unavailable as they are full.

There is no cash equivalent or credit available for the next term.


Absolutely! Little ones often put instruments and toys in their mouths so to limit the spread of germs we disinfect our resources between classes.

Please read the following thoroughly, as this is our cleanliness policy:


Is your child Walking? Running? Yes? Well, we suggest the mixed age class. It’s designed for toddlers and older children to sing, dance and learn together. If your little one is still crawling, you could do one last term in the baby class. We are flexible and happy to find a class you’re comfortable with. 

Our classes go for approximately 40 mins. Afterwards we encourage parents to stay and have a cuppa and a chat so you may like to set aside an hour in the morning to make rainbows! 

Term 1  24 January – 01 April
Term 2  19 April – 24 June 
Term 3 11 July – 16 September 
Term 4  04 October – 9 December

No they aren’t. If your class falls on a public holiday, you will not be charged for that week. We close during state wide public holidays. Toowoomba and Gold Coast close for their local show days. Brisbane does not close for Ipswich Show Day. 

Absolutely! That’s the whole idea! The mixed age class will be perfect for you! We love seeing older children with their little brothers or sisters enjoying music together as a family. Please note, younger siblings are not charged until they are 9 months old. 

We sure do! When enrolling more than one child into our program, each subsequent child will receive 20% off their fees! 

We offer just one trial class ($22) before committing to the rest of the term. After that, we only accept term enrolments. We do not offer casual attendance or “drop ins”. The only exception, is when an existing client already enrolled in a session, would like to bring their sibling and/or relative along for a special occasion. Then their attendance is charged at $22 (and pending available spaces).  

No way! Your child is never too young to hear and respond to music and language! Babies listen to and respond to music, language and other sounds for as much as half their lives BEFORE BIRTH. Hearing develops in utero around 4 months! Babies are wired to discriminate between pitch, volume and melody. That’s how they learn the native language spoken around them during the first 6 months of life.  Using musical play with your baby is also an easy way to strengthen your relationship. Moving to music triggers the release of oxytocin — the “bonding” hormone! 

Our program also has a strong emphasis on sensory play.

Providing your young baby with a wide range of sensory experiences will help develop strong brain pathways. This increases the capacity for intellectual development and form the foundation for all future learning.

We cap our baby and mixed-age classes at 15 – 20 depending on the size of the venue. 

Stay and have fun! Our program is designed to enhance the parent/child bond so we encourage you to participate with your little one! Remember, you are your child’s first teacher!

Yes! We love to share our wonderful program with special people in your little one’s life! 

We cannot allow drop-ins unfortunately. Please contact us to book a class! 

Of course you can enrol in two classes per week! We would love to see you! Please remember, our fees listed include one class per week and our programs run on a weekly cycle (your two classes may be include the same content!) At MR we hope to foster friendships between parents and children and many of our families follow up their MR class with a play date each week as well.

No problem! We all know that babies cry for whatever reason. Besides, you are surrounded by mums in the exact same stage of life! So just do whatever you need to comfort your baby and join in again when you can. This isn’t just a baby music class, it’s a support group! You will find lifelong friends which is so special!

The themes for Term 3, 2024 are Superhero, Down on the Farm & Enchanted Garden.





Not at all! Of course you are more than welcome to bring along your usual baby bag, but mostly, just come to have fun and enjoy and we’ll take care of the rest! We provide your Making Rainbows mat and all the resources for the session.

To make sure we are doing the best we can to keep Making Rainbows a COVID19 free zone we have made some changes to how we run our classes


Please be kind we are trying to keep everyone safe! 

VaccinationMaking Rainbows require everyone over the age of 16 to be fully vaccinated to attend a class. On the morning of your first class please show the Making Rainbows facilitator your proof of vaccination once checked in (GREEN TICKPlease arrive 10 minutes early to allow for this process so that your first class can start on time, and everything runs smoothly.

Sanitise: Please use the provided hand sanitiser on arrival

Masks: Everyone over the age of 12 must wear a mask 


Please do NOT enter a class if you are feeling unwell

Please do NOT attend the class if you have Covid-19

Please do NOT attend a class if you are a close contact (in the company of someone for over 4 hours)

Please do NOT attend a class if you are waiting on test results for Covid-19

No. Due to the recent lift of restrictions in Queensland, we are now able to accept all families in our program regardless of their vaccination status. YAY!


Please do NOT enter a class if you are feeling unwell

Please do NOT attend the class if you have Covid-19

Please do not attend a class if you are a close contact (in the company of someone for over 4 hours)

Please do NOT attend a class if you are waiting on test results for Covid-19

Please use the provided hand sanitiser on arrival.