Making Rainbows offer a quality early childhood music and movement program for childcare centres, pre-preps and playgroups across Queensland. We are guided by the Early Years Learning Framework when we plan and deliver our program for children from birth to five years. We would love to enhance your program by delivering an excellent opportunity for your children to excite their natural love of music. We choose our props and resources carefully to ensure that every part of the lesson is purposeful and beneficial to each child, whether it be for fine motor development (finger rhymes, instrument play), gross motor development (balancing on balls, hula hoops) or school readiness behaviours (sharing, taking turns, greeting/farewell songs). Rather than bringing Making Rainbows in for a just select number of children we are hoping that you may be able to absorb the cost or part of the cost so that all the children can benefit. 

All instruments and resources are provided, all we need is an open space to make rainbows in!

Special Education

Research has shown that children of all ability levels benefit from the magic of making music! As a special educator, Bernadette has seen the benefit of group musical activities are a fabulous motivator for students. Participating in Making Rainbows involves elements of social interaction like turn-taking, listening and responding to another person. Many children with additional needs find these skills particularly challenging to learn. We include many opportunities for communication in our program, even for those who are non-verbal. Children are given the opportunity to make choices from concrete objects or picture cue cards, depending on their level of communication. We also use AUSLAN to help facilitate communication during some songs.  We will be guided by the people who know your students best, their caregivers, class teachers and teacher aides.

Our multi-sensory approach allows for lots of opportunities to touch, smell and hear during the session. Resources such as the parachute, lycra, rainbow ring, feathers, bubbles, and scented sprays are used alternatively throughout the term. There is enough repetition for the children to be familiar with the songs, but not too much that they may become bored,

Making Rainbows is also written under the direction of a Brisbane-based occupational therapist.  So in terms of “movement”, all of our activities have a meaningful purpose and will benefit your student’s fine and gross motor development.